Round 5 of the Northern Inland Pony Express (NIPES) was held at Upper Horton on Saturday 26th October. It was a cold and early start as I didn’t camp there but the day was turning out to be perfect for a race. The day was about 15 degrees cooler than last years round which I’m sure all the riders were thankful for, it still proved to be hot though out on the track.

I was fairly nervous going into practice lap as this track is known for its hectic downhill sections, but I thankfully made it around the track with ease. They had changed the track slightly to what it was last year, which was fun but it was still similar in length and still had the massive downhill sections, which I always find a bit hairy. After everyone made it back from practice we had about 10 minutes until we all lined up for the start. It was going to be a super dusty ride. You definitely wanted a good start.

It was quite a good turn out with 100 riders for the day, although that being said 100 riders quickly changed the track. It was becoming rutted and powdering very quickly. The dust proved to be a problem for a lot of riders. I came away with the round win and also the overall series win. I was really happy with my ride taking more than 10 minutes off my times from last year at Upper Horton.

The club did another fantastic job at cutting a great track, and running the day, thanks to all those that helped out on the day to make it possible. Also thanks again to Coffs KTM.