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All loaded up me and my good mate Mike Thorncroft headed off on a boys weekend to Walcha, a 3 1/2 hour drive via Dorrigo on the Waterfall Way.

But before we got too excited we had stop to get some food supplies. We arrived at Walcha caravan park where we had a cabin booked for the night.  We just relaxed and had some dinner and watched the footy before we went to bed for a good sleep before racing the next day.
We arrived at the track on Sunday and were surprised the track looked awesome all natural terrain all on the side of a hill.

I went out in practice and it didn’t take long for me to work out that it was going be a difficult day of racing because the track was really dusty i couldn’t see in front of me.
Went out in race one had a shocker of a start just just missed a pile up which put me in about 11th so I just tried my best to work my way through the field finally made it to about 7th and tried to get around 6th which was Scoey but the dust just made it to hard to see but the last two corners pushed a little to hard to get past him and looped out near the finish line I got back up and finished about 9th.

Race 2 I had a good start I was in 6th and battled with 5th the whole race the dust was still very bad and when I was battling with 5th I came up the inside of him and my left hand foot peg hit a tyre which they mark the track with and ripped my foot off the peg and badly twisted my knee I didn’t stick the pass so I settled for 6th.

Race 3 got an alright start again came out of the first corner in 5th and stayed there the whole race so was pretty happy with the day I finished 6th or 7th overall my goal for next round is a top 5 so I got a bit of work to do and work on a bit more bike set up for the track.

I’d like to thank COFFS KTM for helping me out with my bike and a special thanks to Doc, Anthony and Ben. I’d also like to thank my mate Mike for pushing me with my training and my partner Melina and family for supporting me.

Over and out Linc.

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