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Northern Inland Sprint Series – Banaweera – 3rd June, 2012


Travelled to the event the day before and stayed at the New England Brumby Sanctuary at Booralong. This gave me the advantage of a short trip Sunday morning before hitting the event.


Waking sunday morning at 5 am The weather was somewhat chilly, but looed liked turning  out to be a nice clear day well, at least for a short while. Arriving at the track the weather started to turn nasty but rain was holding off. Time for sighting lap but  The bike wasn’t too fussed on the cold weather, taking a while to start – so I quickly put a new plug in and it fired up a few kicks later . A quick inspection of the old plug revealed it was fouled up a little  I was hoping that would be the only problems I have today.


A small shower before the first sprint saw the dust settled and enough mud to be a bit sticky, but not too much of an issue for riders in general.


Unfortunately, being an unseeded racer due to missing the first round of the series, I had to start 3rd last in B grade.  This meant that I encountered quite a few slower riders in the first sprint, blowing out my time a little – it was almost impossible to get around some of these riders and it wasn’t a smart move to go off track to overtake – granite boulders hidden in long grass are difficult to navigate!  First round finished without too much drama – total time of 628 seconds– 6th fastest overall.


second sprint The skies opened – and the coastal boys smiled!Its a bit like state of origin but its coastal boys verses inland boys guess they dont like it wet .


The second sprint saw me heading off as seeded 6th – I still encountered some slower riders, but managed to get past them much quicker than the first sprint (more professional courtesy???), not to mention the slick  conditions  being more suited to Coastal riders – total time of 601seconds – 2nd fastest time.at this stage i was in 4th outright and need to make up 12 seconds in the last sprint for at least 3rd on the  podium i was pretty sure i could do it the skys opend up and soaked the place


The final sprint (limited number of sprints due to number of riders and slow conditions) saw me seeded 2nd for the starting line – another brilliant run and I was catching first.It was that wet by now a jet ski would have been a better option but a least the ground was predictable with a time of 619 seconds which was the fastest B grade time in that round.


The overall result was a 3rd in B grade – the unseeded start in the first sprint and a dodgy start in the 2nd sprint (got seeded 8th, then corrected to 6th, but without an opportunity to set myself for a start and rev up the bike) meant that I was probably overall 6 seconds off first place…. but that’s racing.so after 4 races back after 7 years away from it I grabed a podium in some trying conditions a solid result


The Coastal riders reigned supreme – lots of podium finishes in the top grades!  We must love it wet.


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