RACE REPORT – ADAM SCOFIELD – Inverell Pony Express Round 3 – 9th September 2012

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Inverell Pony Express Round 3 September 9 2012

Here we go again.  Feeling  like a Yo-Yo up and down Dorrigo Mountain – 9 times in the last few months.  Its really starting to get old, but that’s where the racing is at so we do what we have to.

Coming off a massive high from last week’s second at Uralla, I really hadn’t had the week I wanted as we settled on our new home Monday and moved in all week.  My recovery and little bit of training had gone out the window with only a couple of Epsom salt baths, eating right and hydrating best I could, but knowing I had the  fitness and toughness to  do it again I wasn’t to fussed .

Heading up Saturday arvo arriving at about 5pm we just basically checked in and went out to RSL for tea heading back to motel for an early night and a big day.  Sunday came QUICKLY getting up to repack trailer, my bike was white from frost I can’t believe just how cold inland is.  A bit of  a slow start to the morning with all four kids – it was Maccas before heading to track which is at Copeton dam.  A truly magnificent sight especially this full 120% capacity – in fact they lost half the track this year it’s about 50 meters under water and down at the pits all you can see is where the track comes in out of the water.  Quite funny to see.  Having a look around it was quite a small turn up with nowhere near the numbers of Uralla a week earlier and a very casual affair.

Time to do the usual – set up fuel stop and get ready for sighting lap.  Heading out on sighting lap saw a completely different track to Uralla with a massive start straight over 1km long I knew this would put me at a disadvantage, being on a 200.  At the start most other iron men were on 450 300 but as I now from last week it’s not won at the start plus it will be dusty as hell.  Getting back to the track it was tight single lane with a soft sandy granite soil with some nasty rock ledges and shelves again.  Thank God for mousse tubes – they’re expensive but worth it!  Also a bit shorter than Uralla at only 16km but a lot slower per lap.  I estimated I’d do 9 laps.  I knew it was going to be a tough day at the office with a late start 10:45 it was already hot 23°C so my camel back would be getting a work out.

Off we GO dead last – I was ready for that just out horse powered on this massive start straight and the dust was phenomenal.  Could not see a thing the dust was so bad.  They had people on the first 5 corners pointing where the track went so I just sat back and waited for some clear air then I started to move up.  Half way through lap one I clubbed a tree –  just couldn’t see it!  Squashed my brand new pipe NOT HAPPY.  I jumped off for a quick inspection and everything looked ok and the pipe was good enough to continue.  Now with plenty of clear air I push and catch up.

Lap one down caught 3 iron men then my bike started making a noise like the little end was gone.  I kept going through into my second lap, I just thought it was working extra hard in the sandy soil – slowly catching people, being careful in the dust, my bike was getting worse.  Just as I neared the finish of lap 2, I caught 2nd place but then decided to stop and see what was wrong.

I soon discovered the pipe had been pushed so far back it had cut the radiator hose coming out of the water pump.  I just can’t believe my luck!  One good race,  one bad race I’ll need to work on this for next year.  I can’t go away and keep wrecking bikes!  So not too sure what to do –  I wanted to finish no matter what.  I was thinking outright points at season’s end.  Dan Ralph came over and we soon worked out what had happened and I set about fixing it luckily there was enough radiator hose to cut it and re-join.  It worked with a loose radiator cap so it doesn’t build pressure (that’s a little trick I’ve learnt from the one the only Mark DOC Downie)  so all I could do now was see what happened.

I set off chasing I thought I might be able to chase down 3rd by lap 6, although the repair and the  heat of the day, and the massive week leading up to this, had taken its toll.  I hit the wall and was running some very slow laps – 5 minutes slower than my first 3, but just kept going.  I just need points. Finally the chequers dropped.  With a huge effort after losing 37 minutes on the repair and 15 minutes on the last 3 laps I still managed 7 laps witch I think is AMAZING.  Considering the time lost I still finished 5th and only one lap behind 2nd and 3rd with only first place getting 9 laps.   Nick is a very skilled rider but my times in the first 3 laps would have been giving him a real scare (if not for the disaster).  And just to show how tough it was, only Dan Ralph and Jordan Rose in A grade teams got 10 laps.

I’m sitting 2nd out right after Inverell even with a DNF at round 1 Coolatai 2nd at Uralla and a 5th today there is only one round left.  It’s usually an 8 round series, but due to RAIN and date clashes it’s only been 4.  With a full series a couple of bad results wouldn’t be so bad.  Since Nick has won all three to date he can’t be beaten for outright come Upper Horton on October 20, but I feel I can beat him for the round and take second out right.   I just need a little luck and stop wrecking bikes,  so it’s game on!

Settled in my new home now,  got my space and race room, so preparation should be so much better now as I haven’t had my own place all year until now.  I think my results have been dam good considering.

It’s just 6 weeks of hard training now until Upper Horton.  I’m  trying some new stuff with my training including a midweek ride,  and a four hour off bike training session on Mondays,  with a 15km rum,  1hour kayak,  1 hour  cycle,  and some basic weights.  Here’s hoping I can bring home the silverware come October 20.

As always,  thanks COFFS KTM –  your support helps me do what I love !

Adam Scofield

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