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Northern Inland Pony Express – Round 1 – Coolatai – Sunday 17th June, 2012


Roos, foxes and roadkill.  Four hours of roos, foxes and roadkill.  Oh, and a blown trailer tyre.  But we made it to Inverell on Saturday afternoon, to give us a bit of down time before heading to Coolatai early Sunday morning.  Dinner at the Inverell RSM was somewhat of an adventure – I think the whole population of Inverell decided to eat at the RSM that night.


Sunday get up and get on the road about a hours drive to Coolatai without too much drama – lots of roos and some fog, but no sick kids, blown tyres or issues. arriving at the track saw a good turn out and a heap of coastal boys again so with  Plenty of time to unpack and relax and get my “race face” on.


time for sighting lap this place has got every thing from flat out corn fields river beds sand sections over 1km long  that whooped out like nothing ive ever seen there was about 4 sand sections like this with a hill climb off solid stone just for a mix and then about 3 km off stones returning to the pits saw quite a few riders come in with flats – thankfully I was running mousse tubes, so that was one issue I didn’t have to contend with.but it deffently was going to be a tough 4 hours.


Time to RACE Ironman was the 3rd group to start – not too much of an issue with the start 3rd last but over this distance the start is really nothing and usually by the 2nd lap youve caught up every one anyway who are just there for a fun day and not to serious but getting to the second lap proved it would be harder than I thought 1km in about to pass   I CRASHED MY BRAINS OUT!  Ouch – gunna feel that tomorrow no time to waste quickley getting to my feet bike chek and straighen my bars – about 3 minutes lost, some damage to my arm, my jersey and my clutch lever, but still able to get up and get on with it.


First lap over and done with and I settled into racing.  Laps 2, 3 and 4 and I was averaging 27 and a half minutes per lap and improving my position.  Managed to get to 3rd  on lap 5 before disaster struck.


The clutch lever (fatigued in the first lap crash) snapped off.  Dam!  No spare, no way of doctoring up a solution, no way of continuing – there was a section that was impossible to navigate without a clutch.  A real shame – I was feeling good, no arm pump, plenty of energy, loving the track.  Oh well, that’s just waiting and training for round 2 on August 12 at Narrabri hope fully some luck will follow me out there as i feel ive got the power and fittnes to get on the podium Ill be makeing a spares kit up before i go thats for sure .As always a big thank you to COFFS KTM Hopefully ill be putting my KTM on the podium again soon thank you Adam Scofield.

Northern Inland Pony Express – Round 1 – Coolatai – Sunday 17th June, 2012 (2)

Packing up to head home – a little bruised and battered.


Northern Inland Pony Express – Round 1 – Coolatai – Sunday 17th June, 2012 (3)


I left a little skin in Coolatai.  The flies act as antiseptic (or so the locals tell me).

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