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Motorex KTMRC8R Racing Team rider Angus Reekie enjoyed the ecstasy of motorsport success when he visited the Formula Oz podium at the weekend’s fourth round of the Formula Xtreme series at Queensland Raceway.

The 2011 Pro Thunder Champion had earlier switched classes from FX Superbike to the Formula Oz category in order to shoe the KTM with the 195 rear tyre size with which it was designed, a format Reekie usedc to good effect at his last start in the Pro Stock 1000 class at the ASBK championship.

“Ultimately we decided the flatter 200 tyres which are the control tyre in FX Superbike just don’t work for us and I was making headaches for myself trying to fit in there,” said Reekie. My bike’s chassis, suspension and geometry has been designed for a 195 rear and it’s a lot nicer and more comfortable riding it to the limit on those tyres.”

“We qualified third fastest in a field of more than two dozen riders and with a goal of finishing on the podium we finished third in all three races. I made a couple of tiny ride height adjustments and for Sunday aimed one step higher with a view to hanging on to Kevin Curtain – at least for a while.”

Reekie achieved that second place in the first race on Sunday, but then while battling for second place in the second race went into QR’s Turn 4 too hot and barrelled himself and the distinctive KTM down the road, damaging the bike to badly to continue or make the start line of the third race.

Reekie, however, was philosophical, and able to take satisfaction from the fact that his weekend goals had been achieved.

“Overall, I’m stoked,” said Reekie. “We went even faster than we had here for the ASBK round, and reached my goals all weekend. What’s more our tyre wear improved so it was really cost effective for us.
“I’m extremely happy with the bike now; it felt like it was on rails. Now we’ve got our base setup dialled I’m so comfortable on it and just going forward and forward. I’m just loving my racing at the moment. Obviously It wasn’t the ideal finish to the weekend but my goals had been reached by then.

“We’ll get the bike back together and up to speed for the next round at Eastern Creek – I can’t wait,” he said.

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